A holistic view of sexuality



Here I make an introduction of each of the dimensions. 

Sexuality is one of the most complex areas of the human being. For this reason, knowing what its dimensions are to experience ourselves free in each one of them will give us a joyful sexual life. But not only that, it will give us a fuller life, since a conscious sexuality in all its dimensions expands our life in all areas. 

Also when there is something that prevents you from fully enjoying sexuality, finding the solution can be a complex path because there are several dimensions to consider, so knowing them will make it easier to solve any problem.

Seeing sexuality with a holistic vision means seeing the dimensions in an integrated way. These dimensions act as a whole and cannot be considered separately, isolating them from the others, since they are constantly influencing each other. All of them are interconnected and interdependent.



This is the physical dimension, which serves as the basis for recognizing how we are sexually on a physical level, and identifying if there are any limitations.

Here we look at how our physical body is to experience sexuality. Not only the sexual organs, but also any other part that we feel involved in our sexuality, such as lack of sensitivity or extreme sensitivity in some part of the body. 

It also involves the functioning of our body in sexuality, such as the reactions we have to stimuli in different parts of the body, the ability to reach orgasm, etc.

In this dimension we include the hormonal changes of women during the cycle.

That there is a manifestation at the physiological level does not mean that the origin of that manifestation is at the physiological level, it can be caused or conditioned by other levels. But it gives us information on how our body acts when faced with stimuli, and if something that could be a problem is detected, it is advisable to visit a doctor to rule out that the anatomical and physiological part is not the cause of the problem.

As diverse examples of what is included in this dimension we can cite, the state and muscle tone that our pelvic area has in both women and men, If we are taking any medication that has an effect on hormones, or that reduces our libido or that produces impotence, etc.



The psychological aspect is another fundamental dimension in sexuality.

In the mental aspect there is both the conscious and the unconscious.

This area is strongly marked by the past experiences that we have had in our sexuality since we were little. Although it is not limited to our sexual experiences, other aspects such as how we are in self-esteem play a very important role.

In this dimension we pay attention to what our beliefs are, the relationship between what we say and how we act, how we set our limits, how we express consent, what we think we like or dislike, etc.


Emotions are a context that mark the way we live our sexuality.

It is common that it is not easy to see all the effects that the emotional dimension has, which may be expressing itself in a subtle way but which radically affects sexuality.

Sexuality is one of the places where our vulnerability comes into play, which will be expressed through emotions.

Emotions manifest through our body as a vehicle. For this reason, in this dimension, the fundamental thing is to learn to connect and listen to our body. 

Many times we communicate our emotions through body language without realizing what we are expressing with the body and that it may be in contradiction with what we are thinking or saying.

So connecting with our body and with emotions, with how we feel is a fundamental aspect of sexuality. 

Do we feel loved? Do we feel wanted? Do we feel any fear? Something worries us? Are we sad about something?

All this we are feeling affects our sexuality and our sexual experiences.

For example, a woman who does not feel safe in the relationship she is having can cause a low sexual appetite. Or a man who does not feel valued may give you impotence problems.


The social dimension is how social behaviors, norms, laws, of the society in which we live influence people's sexuality.

The social environment in which we have grown up and in which we live greatly influences our sexuality. 

It becomes much more difficult to express ourselves freely in our sexuality if we live in a repressive family or social environment.

Taboos are a clear example of how social can affect us.


This is a dimension that is still unexplored for most people.

Or rather, they have not yet connected with her, because she is always present moving anyway. Lately, thanks to Tantra, many are learning how sexual energy moves in our body, and even how to control it.

In addition to learning how to move sexual energy, in this dimension we pay attention to whether there is any blockage at the energy level and how to unblock it.

It is a fundamental dimension of knowing and training if we want to live a sexuality with all its potential. Learning to move sexual energy in the body leads us to live sexuality literally in another dimension.


Sexuality also has its spiritual dimension.

Through sex the human being seeks Union. The union with the other, and (consciously or not consciously) also the union with the divine. Aspire to become One. Between two, be One.

Sexual ecstasy is a portal to the divinity of life. And spiritual sexual practices help you connect with your creative power in life.

  1. LOVE

Love is the dimension that gives sexuality another form.

It is the basis for living a sexuality in its maximum splendor and harmoniously integrating all dimensions.

The opposite of Love is fear and repression. Love is expansion, and the opposite is contraction. If we do not approach our sexuality with Love, the body somehow contracts, and if the body contracts it is not possible to enjoy sexuality with all the pleasure it can give us. 

A body that lives sexuality from love will be a body open to the flow of sexual energy in all directions. 

Love is the envelope that allows you to fully enjoy sexuality.

So now you know, if you want to live a sexuality full of joy, excitement, pleasure and creativity, it is better to review how you are in each of these dimensions.

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