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Book "Men, One Step Forward"

What does it mean to be a Man today? What is it to be a Masculine man today?

I think that only with these questions is it clear to everyone the crisis that exists today in masculinity. Because there is no longer a generally accepted definition, but many personal views.

Masculinity, understood as the behavior of a man in his masculine role, in his masculine energy, is in a profound process of change.

So with my experience in mixed circles between men and women, and in men's circles, I felt the need to write what I feel as a vision of what is happening with this crisis. Why is it produced? How did we get here? What is happening with men and their masculine role? These are questions that I am answering in the book. And most importantly, thanks to my experience in therapies with various men and women, working for the evolution of people, I also give proposals for men who feel identified in walking a new masculinity.

A book that will surely be very useful reading for both men and women.

The book is not completely finished yet, it will be shortly and it will be possible to download it.

Meanwhile I want to share parts, excerpts, expose some ideas from the book, and for this I have created a Facebook group. You can join the group by clicking on the image to the right.

Hope to see you there.

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