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Welcome to participate and co-create projects on the way

Documentary video

I am creating a documentary about how the first sexual experiences have been, to raise awareness of the lack of information we have at that time.

You can contact me for a short 4-question interview where you don't need to give personal details. It can also be online.

Your face can appear or not, as you like.

I would love to have your participation 🙂

If you are interested in participating you can write to my email

Mixed circles online


Why is this proposal of a circle of mans and women?

Because it is evident that the way we relate to each other is changing, and this has brought a crisis that is not always easy to handle. But we can also be part of the advancement that is creating the new forms.

I have been energizing mixed circles for the last 4 years in different parts of the world and the experience has been very enriching for everyone, so now the format will also be online.


Without trying to generalize, have you ever felt that men and women speak a different language? Or from different points of view?

This meeting is proposed as an opportunity to communicate openly, our needs, our desires, our doubts, etc .; shared with people of the other gender, so that from a space based on empathy and respect, we can recognize the other and be recognized, without judgment, opening up new ways of listening and expressing ourselves. 


Overcome the social conditioning of how both men and women should be and behave. These models are already changing, but not because of new ones, but because of a freedom of guidelines that often leads us to not know how to act. This new way of perceiving and relating to each other is necessary to build it up, now, we and we.


A space and a time where to be, express and communicate without barriers, where we understand each other from our different ways of being, but with the same objective, to regain balance in our relationships.



What is feminine and what is masculine today? Male and female roles, inherited or chosen ?. 

The role of feminism and patriarchy.

How do we see women today? How do we see men today?

Now we are very demanding with what we want from the other. We want sentimental company, yes, but with many more requirements.

The flirt ... Encounters and disagreements. How we link or let ourselves be linked. 

What do we like? What do we lack in sexuality today?

How to maintain and evolve in the relationship beyond having met?

Monogamic relationships, or poly, or anarchy, or celibacy, or… .. a menu for all tastes.


If you are interested in participating or want to know more write me.

Bodies speaking

Messages to raise awareness about sexuality written on the skin. It will be a series.

We can meet to do a photo session with one or more phrases, or you can do them at home and send them to me by email.

The idea is that it is written on the naked body, although it is not necessary that the whole body be seen.

It can be showing the face or not, that is your choice and we will make an agreement of what diffusion would be given or not to the photo so that you feel comfortable.

You would choose one or more phrases from the list, and that can also inspire you to propose new ones.

All phrases can be in Spanish, English or French.

If you are interested in participating or want to know more write me.