What is Tantric Massage?

A massage that is becoming more and more fashionable, but that few know in its true dimension.

What is a tantric massage?

I will try to give an answer from my experience, as a masseur giving massages and also receiving them (which I have a lot and diverse experience thanks to what I have traveled the world).
The first thing I would tell you is that there is no single definition, and like any topic that is growing in dissemination, massage therapists, and business, there are many varieties. So before going to give yourself a tantric massage, first find out what the work that person does is like.

Tantric massage was not included among the traditional ancient teachings in Tantra. It developed in the last century, first in very small sectors and connected to the spiritual teachings of tantra and then it grew in diffusion. 

A problem that we usually find is that the name of Tantric massage began to be used in erotic massage centers, saunas, sex workers, etc., only as a commercial hook for a purely sexual massage. But a true Tantric massage is very different from an erotic massage that is offered on these sites.

I would say that the main differences lie in 2 points mainly:

1. The objective

- Erotic sexual massage aims to cause excitement and orgasm.

- Tantric massage aims to mobilize energy through the body to release blockages and take one's sexuality to another level.

2. The training of the masseur.

-The erotic sexual massage does not require any training

-Tantric massage is given by a person trained in the values of Tantra and with knowledge of how to mobilize energy through the body.

These fundamental differences make it obvious that, although there may be sexual pleasure in both, one massage and the other are totally different. 


So, as I was saying, Tantric massage is based on the movements of energy in the body.

The / The masseuse mobilizes the energy in the body, and for this it uses mainly the hands, with touch and without touch. But not only with your hands, and to mobilize energy you can also use, 

-The chakras, detecting and releasing blockages. 

-Sounds, such as mantras for example, and vibrations (drum, Tibetan bowl, etc). 

-Different breaths, with which he guides the person receiving the massage in learning to control the movement of energy.

Within the physical body there is a constant movement of various energies, and a very particular one is sexual energy, which is the most powerful energy we have in our body. This energy is also used in tantric massage, and it is important that it is included because being controlled and managed with harmony, it brings enormous benefits and not only on a sexual level.

So a Tantric massage session, more than a massage between a giver and a receiver as two separate entities, is like 2 people dancing together, where one guides the other.

Seen as a dance, a dance in synchronicity, it is better understood that mastering the art of Tantric massage is not the use of techniques (which exist and are used), but the connection established between these 2 people.

This massage acts on a physical level but also at a very subtle level and thus a still hand in the right place and with focused intention could produce huge waves within the body, even trigger an orgasm.

This is why the Presence of the person giving the massage is so important, because that determines at what level it is connecting with the energy movements that are taking place in your body, what movements to favor (listen to what the body is asking for), and where you put the focus of your work.

And in addition to this, a loving presence is fundamental, so that a healthy connection between the two takes place and the energy can flow freely.

For this reason, it is impossible for the same tantric masseuse to give 2 equal massages. Obviously each person has their techniques, but it will have to adapt to each person in each situation, it even varies in the same person between one session and another. 

As I said before, the goal is not orgasm, although as the sexual energy moves, a tantric massage can cause one or more orgasms, or none at all. And this will depend on what is most convenient for the person at that time. 

And here is an important difference between men and women in tantric sexuality. In the case of man, in Tantra (the same as in other ancient Eastern philosophies such as Taoism), it is sought to avoid ejaculation. Because through ejaculation man loses a part of his original vital energy - or previous heaven as it is called in traditional Chinese medicine-, which is the energy accumulated in the kidneys and is given to us in limited quantity (This energy, unlike others cannot be recharged). Then a man who ejaculates too much will have a shorter life and less physical strength.

This is why in Tantra man seeks to learn to control sexual energy so as not to ejaculate. And in this way, by learning to mobilize it through the body, you can even have orgasms without ejaculation. But this requires significant practice with certain exercises, and tantric massage can be a good way to learn on this path.

A man who learns to control his sexual energy and ejaculation has a very different sexual experience. If you ask any man who has taken these steps, he will tell you without a doubt that the pleasure he has with sex is far superior and incomparable to the simple release of tension when ejaculating that most men are still used to.

And this not only gives him greater pleasure and a different dimension to his sexuality as a man, it also allows him to establish a connection on another level with the woman. And this is fundamental in the sexual relationship between the two, since the woman in her nature has another sexual rhythm, which may wake up more slowly, but once she wakes up she has an enormous capacity to remain in that state. And a man who has developed these capacities will be able to accompany the woman to these states for a long time.

So for the woman in Tantra, sexuality is different. The orgasm does not cause a loss of energy, so it can be included in the way that collaborates more with the process that that woman is experiencing at that time. Learning as a woman would not be to retain orgasm, but to learn to be ecstatic for longer. Some women, thanks to having several orgasms, achieve a state of consciousness outside the body, as a connection with the cosmos.

The reasons for choosing a tantric massage can be several, such as, 

-Unblock and expand the movement of energy in the body. And since body, heart and mind are united, it can also release physical and / or emotional blocks.

-Learn to control the sexual energy in your body.

-In men learn to control ejaculation.

-Transform the way you live your sexuality, in your body and with others,

-Use the healing power of this energy.

-Favoring joy and happiness in your life.

-A path of personal evolution.

A powerful tantric massage can even trigger changes in your life. For what is Reality made of? Of energy. So a massage that deeply mobilizes energy in the body, can not only release great unlocks, have healing effects, as I have already said, but also create transformation, change your reality, mobilizing your energy and also modifying the way you connect with the rest.

It can awaken sleeping nerves in the body, produce physical sensations unknown to that person until then, produce an opening of the heart and the whole body. It can even be a leap in personal evolution.

For many and many, there is a before and after a true tantric massage.

I hope you liked it 🙂

With this massage you can get in touch with everything that does not allow you to feel free in the sexual and emotional sphere. 

Unblocking sexual energy through massage with emotional accompaniment.

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