Women and men, welcome to this space that I have created.

A space for evolution in the joy of life, through a holistic sexuality that integrates its different dimensions.

A space to learn, discuss, and ask questions about conscious sexuality. Here, you will find explicit discussions because the aim is to treat sexuality with naturalness, as it truly is for human beings.

However, what you won't find here are pornographic images, meaning explicit depictions of genital activity. I clarify this because there might be nudity or erotic images, but, for me, that does not qualify as pornography. This decision is not because I perceive anything wrong with pornography (although there is a discussion about it here), but because there is already plenty of it on the internet, and I don't feel it contributes to this site.  

This is a feminist space, advocating for the equal valuation of genders. Neither is superior to the other, but it is also conscious of their differences.

It is a declaration to live sexuality with freedom, without repression, with naturalness, with sensuality and with Love.

Because living sexuality in this way brings enormous benefits, both for the individual and for society.

A space for artistic and sensual expression

For a new masculinity