Who I am

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Hello, I'm Martin

A person with curiosity, who enjoys learning and evolving. I have traveled extensively around the world in various ways, from luxury hotels to sleeping on beaches or wherever someone offered me a place, including sailing solo for 2 years.

I am a free being, and as such, I love freedom for myself and for everyone. In every encounter, I strive to make the other person feel more liberated from any limitation that hinders them from being fully themselves. 

I am passionate about the human being, so I have studied Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology, Sexology, and Taoism (mostly self-taught, allowing different approaches and perspectives besides the official ones). I have trained for years in various holistic therapies worldwide. When working with someone, I use holistic kinesiology as the core, connecting other therapies like Traditional Chinese Medicine, Taoist 5 elements, Craniosacral therapy, massages in different techniques, NLP,  Grief Support,Bach Flowers, integrating them in a personalized manner based on what is most suitable in each situation.

This long learning journey has been motivated by the quest to understand the complexity of the human being, individually and collectively, from a holistic perspective. 

I am fascinated by the uniqueness and complexity of each individual, and thus, I like to have different approaches for the diverse situations people present to me. However, after delving deeply into understanding human beings through different paths, it's wonderful to see how that complexity ultimately becomes something simple..


For the past 10 years, I have dedicated myself to studying relationships between men and women, working with personal cases, and giving talks.

Mixed circles meetings

Through my interactions with people, it became increasingly evident that there is a crisis in relationships between men and women. The previous operating parameters are no longer suitable for the new diversity in relationship forms, often causing confusion. Therefore, 5 years ago, I started facilitating mixed circles wherever I was, aiming to provide a tool to better understand each other and delve into how each person wants to create their relationships.

A recurring theme in these circles has been how we relate sexually.

Sexuality has been a passion of mine since my adolescence. Apart from the hormonal effect, my curiosity led me to read the early studies on sexuality, such as Masters and Johnson or the Hite Report. Later, with my studies in holistic therapies and humanistic psychology, I integrated it into human health. 

Over the years of study, I have accumulated knowledge and experience enriched in different cultures and countries. This unique approach combines various tools to support each person's process or change in a personalized way.

My perspective on sexuality is within a holistic framework. In this special area of the human being, I see it as necessary to interconnect physical, psychological, emotional, energetic, and spiritual aspects. Through different paths, I see how sexuality has a significant impact on almost all areas of our lives, and a healthy, free, and asatisfying sexuality enhances every aspect of our lives. 

Lastly, perhaps the most important part of working with others is to do it with love.

I cultivate my inner self with love to generously offer what I am, whether as a therapist or a friend.

It makes me happy every time a person becomes a bit more of the potential of the best they can be in their life thanks to our crossing paths.


If you feel like contacting me, you can do so at the email martin@sensuality.life. And if you want to schedule a consultation, I invite you to visit the "Online Consultations" page here on "Private consultations."