Do we live with sexual freedom or with repression?

Do we really believe that now we are more liberated?

There is much talk about the sexual freedom that exists today, and especially in Europe, where sexual diversity is more common every day. 

Since a few years ago homosexuality began to be visualized and accepted in men and women, there has been a long journey transsexuals, pansexuals, queer, etc., and thus also to an evolution and greater openness of the type of affective sexual relationships (polyamorous, anarchist relational, etc etc)

People who have broken in some way with established social taboos and prejudices, it could be said that they are living greater sexual freedom, they have broken with the patterns, "the boxes", that existed and that is why they also tend to live a freer sexuality, but, and between heterosexuals how is it?

Now you can easily find kinky sex groups, they talk openly and publicly about Satisfayer and so many other sex toys, squirting, and more techniques, you can go to tantra workshops where it merges in countless ways with sex. 

It seems as if we are in a time of great sexual freedom.

But what about in our heads? How are we? Do we really feel free? 

We undress and show our bodies without any shame? Do we share as much of our sexuality with friends as we do with so many other topics? We express to our partners or lovers what we like and what we don't with ease?

And in society, how are we? 

Yes, a lot of Tinder and encounters that end up in bed on the first or second night. (And I have another article about how this is influencing the way women experience their sexuality.) But what happens if you have a sexual behavior in public?… .. And I'm not saying having sex, just touching or showing skin. I think we all know how it would attract attention. Some with a lustful gaze, others with a recriminating gaze, and others… they would call the police.  

Wow, call the police ... that means what these people are doing is wrong.

And it is that according to our laws, any show of sex in public is cause for complaint, fine or even jail!

And so too, what sex education do our children receive? Children when they see that adults treat an issue as if it were wrong, they immediately associate that issue with it being wrong. Nobody explains anything to them. Until when the hormones call, they begin to live their sexuality by hiding. 

And that leaves marks on our unconscious. (For those who want to know more about this, I suggest you investigate the work of Wilhelm Reich.)

But why does this happen?

For me, because sex is still something very repressed on a social level. Perhaps a little less in some individual minds, and in some relationships. But it remains a taboo subject in the vast majority of places and situations.

It is curious to me in this society, that sex, something as natural as eating, something that all people live or have lived in different ways in their lives, has to hide so much.

Nobody is surprised if they see a couple arguing in the street, but if another couple is passionately kissing and touching, the looks are surprised.

Sex is the only human activity that has names like voyeurism and exhibitionism that are widely used. I am not talking about pathologies, but that it is used in a generalized way for anyone who did not hide to have some type of sexual activity or if they enjoyed watching. 

Because yes, today to have sex you have to hide. 

If a couple gets hot, and they want to continue a little further, even just a little, they have to find a place where they will not be seen, and that is called hiding.

Yes, that is how big the difference exists between sex and any other activity that humans naturally perform.

And since it has been this way for many, many years, and many generations, we have accepted that this is normal. But it is not, and why we have come to treat sex like this since long ago in our history is a topic that I leave for another article. 

What has to do with sex draws attention. And that's why we have a society that has made sex a great business, because it sells. Sex has freed itself a bit, but within the framework of the market, and in my view at the level of society it is far from being lived with the naturalness of which it is part of the human being. 

And if you live in a society that experiences sex in a repressed way, how does that affect your sexuality?

This article is not at all a call that we have sex everywhere, but it is a call to reflect on whether this society lives sexuality in a liberated way, as something natural or rather in a manipulated way.

This article reflects my opinion. 

And how is it for you?

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